Andrew Minchew's Micro Journal App Project

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal project and is not intended for production use. While I have made every effort to ensure the quality and security of the code, there may be bugs or vulnerabilities that I am not aware of. Additionally, I cannot guarantee that the performance of the application will meet your expectations. Please use this project at your own risk.


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For a while now I've wanted a simple, journal-like tool for logging my day. Something to document all the little questions I ask myself and forget to research later, to hold the partially formed ideas that come exactly when I don't have time to act on them, to record all the 2 minute tasks that inevitably balloon into something more complicated. Something like twitter, but not public; like Day One, but not so formal; like but less cluttered; like a plain text file, but with timestamps and auto-save.

ChatGPT and a few hours later, here we are. You can read a little longer backstory over on my LinkedIn profile.